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Secumar FREE 100 (Manuell) Secumar FREE 100 (Manuell)
Die vor fünf Jahren erfolgreich gestartete FREE 100 bekam ein kräftiges Face-Lifting, um Schwimmern, Stand-Up-Paddlern und allen Wassersportlern auf, am und im Wasser noch besser gerecht zu werden. Was ist Neu? Modernes Design....
€129.00 *
Secumar VIVO 100 manually Secumar VIVO 100 manually
100N adult inflatable lifejacket approved to ISO 12402-4 for paddlers and rowers. Light weight, very short length. Reflective strips on back for incresed safety in poor light. The folded, packed VIVO 100 offers even better mobility and...
€105.00 *
Secumar Secufit automatic Secumar Secufit automatic
Freedom of movement is the alpha and omega for canoeists, rowers and paddlers, because in order to create movement, their upper body is constantly in motion. The requirement for an adequate lifejacket has been perfectly met by SECUMAR...
€194.00 *
Gel seat cushion Skwoosh Gel seat cushion Skwoosh
The SKWOOSH™ Master AGP Row Pad is an advanced pressure-relieving gel row pad that is designed specifically for serious rowers. AGP Technology enables the fluidized Gel Packs to be welded directly under the ischial tuberosity, aka "sitz"...
€48.00 *
Citus Remex ProW 2.0 seat cushion Citus Remex ProW 2.0 seat cushion
THE PROW 2.0 SEAT ProW 2.0 has the well-known innovative shape that relieves bottom pain, helps you to sit tall at the finish of the stroke and assists in the transition from finish to recovery position thereby improving your rowing. It...
€81.00 *
Seat cushions Martinoli Seat cushions Martinoli
Seat cushions (Martinoli) available in three different sizes
€11.50 *
Seat cushions black Seat cushions black
This seat cushion made of foam is suitable for training in the rowing boat and on the ergometer. It is made in two sizes.
€14.40 *
Sitzkissen Concept2 Sitzkissen Concept2
Seien wir mal ehrlich: Der Hintern arbeitet beim Rudern hart. Wenn Sie ein bisschen mehr Polsterung bevorzugen, probieren Sie unser Sitzpolster. Es besteht aus 12 mm starkem, strukturiertem Gummi und bietet Ihnen den bequemsten...
€21.00 *
Pogies Pogies
Made with Yukon fleece. Keeps your hands warm! Even when wet, fleece retains its insulation properties. Fabric - Polar fleece Features - Thermal regulator Care instructions - machine washable
€23.00 *
Eucatape Rowing Tape Eucatape Rowing Tape
Eucatape Rowing Tape by Drum Nerd synergistically heals, protects, and strengthens your hands while rowing and provides a better grip than traditional rowing gloves. HEALS – Eucatape is infused with great smelling Eucalyptus oils that...
€11.75 *
Rear View Mirror for Rowing and Sculling Rear View Mirror for Rowing and Sculling
Rear View Mirror for Rowing and Sculling Large Mirror (48mm diameter) Clips onto baseball cap (cap not included) Scratch proof - glass mirror Robust - mirror protected with plastic surround Easy to adjust - just bend the wire to angle...
€24.00 *
Rowing Bent Oar Bracelet Rowing Bent Oar Bracelet
This graceful sterling silver bracelet is our long-time best seller. At Strokeside Designs, we believe in perfection and that every little detail counts. This bracelet will compliment any look, from your favourite everyday jeans to your...
€130.00 *
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