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Navilight 360° Navilight 360°
The Navilight 360° 2NM is the most versatile light of Navisafes range of battery operated portable navigation lights and includes a 360° All-round light, 225° Masthead light, 135° Sternlight, Flashing light, Anchoring light and a Cabin...
From €78.00 *
Navilight 360° number holder Navilight 360° number holder
This number holder was designed specifically for the Navilight 360.
€33.55 *
Navilight 360° Bendable Suction-mount Navilight 360° Bendable Suction-mount
Designed to allow secure mounting of the Navi lights with magnetic base on any kind of smooth and flat surfaces. The quick release suction cup releases with just one push of the lever so it can be stored quickly or mounted to another...
€28.26 *
Navilight 360° Spare Magnet bracket Navilight 360° Spare Magnet bracket
Spare Magnet bracket for the Navi lights with magnetic mounting system, like the Navi light 360° 2NM, the Navi light TriColor 2NM or the Navi light 360° Rescue.
€14.95 *