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Rigger Bolt Clip Rigger Bolt Clip
Outer dimensions: 38 x 20 mm Inside dimension: 6 x 6 mm
€2.50 *
Clamp for Backstay Clamp for Backstay
Max. Diameter: 25mm
€2.95 *
Fastening Bolt for Rigger Fastening Bolt for Rigger
M6 Material V2A Length 25 - 70mm
€1.50 *
Underlay plate for Rigger Underlay plate for Rigger
2-hole centered Dimensions 80 x 42 mm Hole spacing 60mm 2-hole shifted Dimensions 80 x 42 mm Hole spacing 60mm Distance edge - hole 10 mm 1-hole Dimension 60 x 60 mm 1-hole racing shell Dimension: 50 x 30 mm
€5.00 *
Universal Backstay Universal Backstay
für alle Typen, Skull- und Riemenausleger
€45.00 *
Rigger Jigger Ring Spanner Rigger Jigger Ring Spanner
The 'Rigger Jigger' is an angled, compact special ring spanner with a 12 point opening. It is the ideal compact ring spanner for the most popular fastening sizes (10/13mm). The total length of the spanner is 120mm and is ideal to keep in...
€8.00 *