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Oar inclination adjuster Oar inclination adjuster
For measuring the pitch on the rowing blade.
€55.55 *
Oar inclination adjuster pocket Oar inclination adjuster pocket
Cheap measuring device for measuring the pitch at the pin.
€30.65 *
Adjuster for pin Adjuster for pin
For measuring the pitch at the pin. Fits 13mm standard pins.
€31.60 *
Adjuster for carbon riggers new model Adjuster for carbon riggers new model
For measuring the rigger pitch. This gauge can be mounted directly onto a 13mm standard pin, or attached to the pin with the special device.
€99.00 *
Digital Angle Gauge Meter Digital Angle Gauge Meter
It has never been so easy to mesure the angles: Place the Digital Angle Gauge Meter in the boat or on another reference surface Press the 'zero' button. (Display shows '0'); Hold the measuring device at the target point e.g. (Pin, Gate,...
€29.00 *
Support for pitch operations Support for pitch operations
Width foot: 44cm Height: 93cm - 166cm
€135.00 *
Height adjustment Height adjustment
Height adjustment made of aluminum by Martinoli Length: 84cm Weight: 1kg
€99.00 * €125.00 *