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Oarsbag Type 4row Oarsbag Type 4row
Sweep and Scull Bag for 1 pair of sculls / 1 pair of sweeps Color gray Logo Integrated clever blade protection Integrated velcro straps
From €75.00 *
Riggerbag Type 4row Riggerbag Type 4row
Incl. bag for screws and nuts Color grey Logo Customizable on request.
From €90.00 *
Trestle Canvas Trestle Canvas
Replacement cover for foldable trestles small: 31x65 cm large: 35x88 cm
€15.00 *
Oarlock protection Oarlock protection
The protection of the boats in the boathouses is always an issue. Most damages in boat halls are caused by the pins and oarlocks of other boats. This protection cover fits for scull and sweep boats with different constructions (with or...
€8.50 *
Boat strap 2,5m Boat strap 2,5m
Boat strap for small boats
€7.50 *
Boat strap 4m Boat strap 4m
Boat strap for large boats
€9.00 *
Transport-U Transport-U
These Transport-U are ideal for transporting boats on boat trailers and other vehicles. Currently only available in black!
€12.00 *