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Transport-U Transport-U
These Transport-U are ideal for transporting boats on boat trailers and other vehicles. Currently only available in black!
€12.00 *
Boat strap 2,5m Boat strap 2,5m
Boat strap for small boats
€7.50 *
Boat strap 4m Boat strap 4m
Boat strap for large boats
€9.00 *
Oarsbag Type 4row Oarsbag Type 4row
Sweep and Scull Bag for 1 pair of sculls / 1 pair of sweeps Color gray Logo Integrated clever blade protection Integrated velcro straps
From €75.00 *
Riggerbag Type 4row Riggerbag Type 4row
Incl. bag for screws and nuts Color grey Logo Customizable on request.
From €90.00 *