Randall Foils (set for stroke + bow side)

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  • D-RF-RF
Installation:  https://www.randallfoils.com/our-courses/ Compatible for sculling oars... more

Installation: https://www.randallfoils.com/our-courses/

Compatible for sculling oars and sweep oars. Set contains one Randallfoil for your left oar and one Randallfoil for your right oar.

Legal in all FISA races, approved by Henley Royal Regatta.

The new Randallfoils are now available in worldwide.

Their main effect is a significantly improved stability at the catch. The randallfoils prevents the blade from slipping too deep into the water at the catch and therefore allows for almost immediate blade stability and force connection with the water.

Users report up to 6% increase in boat speed.

Fits all common rowing blades of sculling and sweep oars.

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