Unisuit Women Deep Water

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  • D-EV-ED1-XS
Bi-elastic Flat seams Excellent moisture management, anti-bacterial, and fast drying... more
  • Bi-elastic
  • Flat seams
  • Excellent moisture management, anti-bacterial, and fast drying
  • Mesh panels on the side
  • Deep Water Design (shades of blue)


The Rowing Unisuit Women Deep Water is a must-have for rowers with the endeavor to go fast. The slim fit onesie stands for freedom of movement without compromises. Just like a second skin, there is no unnecessary fabric disturbing your racing.



The Rowing Unisuit is made of ultra-lightweight materials with a great moisture performance. No matter how much sweat and splash water, the Unisuit dries up quickly and hence guarantees for high comfort. Mesh panels on the support the air ventilation, keeping your body cool even when racing on a hot summer day. We chose to design the seating area seamless in order to increase the seating comfort. So, even on a 24k session, you won’t feel any scratching on your bottom. In addition, the fabric on the bottom is slightly thicker. This again increases the seating comfort and guarantees for longevity of the Unisuit. Flat seams and a flat elastic hem placed at the end of the legs give the Rowing Unisuit a perfect finish.



The outstanding Deep Water Design includes a lot of ideas which represent our brand EVUPRE. The ‘V’ from our name logo is placed all over the Rowing Unisuit in various layers. This gives the illusion of looking into a deep lake or ocean. Hence the name of the design. The many shades of blue again represent the beauty of the element of water. In combination with the Rowing Unisuit, we recommend to wear the Essentials Vest as a top layer, as well as the Essentials Tech Shirt as a base layer.

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